Features of Academic Development Efforts

A) Teaching Methodology :

Our educators subscribe to this logic and perceive how best to identify with every individual youngster. To accomplish the objective of the wise and upbeat taking in, our Teaching-Learning program is varied and inclusive.

Unique to DMS, since the initiation of our schools, is given due significance to discourse and dramatization sessions as a feature of our comprehensively child centered teaching method.

All the teachers are formally trained or internally trained to use the best practices in education.

The Pre- School kids adapts in a play-manner, idea which would somehow be complex at that age. This is energized through workmanship and specialty, bewilders, music, enact etc.

B) Academic Enrichment Efforts :

DMS kids have the Remedial Teaching period in their daily schedule. A separate class wise and unique syllabus of such classes prepared by the teachers. A basic syllabus of English, Mathematics and Marathi/Hindi is taught in the Remedial Sessions.

In I to IV class parallel CBSE based textbooks are prescribed for English and Mathematics for academic development of the students at early age.

Marathi language is introduced right from Junior KG class. A self developed curriculum for Junior KG is used so as to make the students aware of alphabets in Marathi. A specific Workbook of Marathi is prescribed for Senior KG of Marathi.

Daily Routine of the class room teaching is observed by the dignitaries and proper attention is provided on the development of teachers and their teaching methodology.

Academics Review is conducted by the Authorities and updated on School ERP software which sets the minimum standard of Academics in the school. We help the certainty of each youngster to build up his individual aptitudes without undue weights to perform in a set example.

We always welcome the suggestions and comments on the academic development of the kids .