We at Dhaniraj Schools follow the House System to build up the feeling of healthy competitive spirit. A separate uniform to enable the feeling of oneness are given to each student belonging to the house allotted.


The Houses in our school :
i. Mahatma Gandhi (Blue)
ii. Rani Laxmibai (Yellow)
iii. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (Red)
iv. Bhagat Singh (Green)

There are many personalities who inspire us in one way or the other. Bearing in mind, the impact these individuals had on the world, Houses have been named after them.The various games played and organized as Inter-House and Inter-School Activities.
Each house is placed under a house master who is responsible for the wellbeing and discipline of the members. The House captains and the Vice-Captains play a vital role in the House activities.
Mass drill for students is regularly organized.

The school has a prefectural body with school captain, sports captain and vice-captains and cultural secretaries.

Periodical exhibitions and competitions are conducted to instill the spirit of participation and competition in Children.

The various traditional sporting activities in which the student participate in are :


It is a simple, inexpensive traditional game being played in school on regular basis.


Kabaddi, Kabaddi, it’s a very different game because there is a lot of physical interaction involved. Recently two Nigerian Sportsperson visited our School. Our Students demonstrated Kabaddi before them. We are having excellent players in our school.

Portfolio 4

Lagori which has been recently recognised by Maharashtra government as a sport. Our students participated and won 3rd Junior National Level Championship 2015 organized by Harayana Lagori Association.

Elocution Competition
Story Telling

Cultural Events :


Dindi on Ashathi Ekadshi
School celebrate Dindi on Ashadhi Ekadashi every year. Students dress up as Warkari with traditional dresses. They play and dance as a Warkari. Also make ‘Ringan’. Students enjoy the event. Staff members take lot of effort to make the programme successful.


Pre-primary Students celebrate Dahihandi with joy and enthusiasm. Students dress up as Govindas and and Gopiyas, break Matki and celebrate birth of Lord Krishna.




 Teachers’ Day
School celebrate Teachers Day with fervor. Students dress up like their teachers and teach their juniors, the same way their teachers do. Teachers also sit in the classes act like students. This creates an understanding between teachers and their students.


Grandparents Day

Pre-primary children along with Teachers welcome their Grandparents. Children entertain their Grandparents through stories, songs, skits etc.


Games and Sports :

Physical Education is compulsory for all children. The school always encourages players to take part at various sports meet.


Educational tours to different locations for broader outlook


Our Students have participated in District and State-Level Tournaments.