Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

After admitting your ward in the school it means Parents and Students should bind to the following Rules and Regulations:

Every student must be present 10 minutes before morning assembly.

Every student must bring his/her Calendar every day.

Parents should check and sign the Calendar of their children every day.

Student must have 95% attendance. Otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to appear for Annual Examination.

Parents should come and meet School Representatives, whenever they are called upon.

Parents should make all transportation arrangements for their wards. They should see that their ward arrives in School at least 10 minutes before the Assembly time. Late comers shall be punished or fined. Also if there is delay for more than 15 minutes. for taking the ward back home, the school shall not be responsible for him/her.

If there is a mishap while travelling from home to school or from school to home, then school will not be responsible for him/her outside school premises.

Wearing Uniform everyday is compulsory.

Uniform should always be washed, cleaned and ironed. Physical cleanliness should be attended.

If student misbehaves or causes injury to anyone within the school premises, the student shall be punished strictly. School provides first aid to the student, if he falls for physically injures himself within the school premises or on a picnic. However, further, all medical treatment responsibilities will be that of the parents.

A fine will have to be paid for damaging the school property, equipment and surroundings.

Do not send your ward wearing silver / gold ornaments, expensive watch and other valuables. The school will not be responsible if anything is lost.

Parents must always attend Parent-Teacher Association Meeting and extend their necessary co-operation.

If there are any complaints or suggestions it should be informed to school office. Do not discuss with outside person. Any planning, modification, implementation or changes will be done by the school only.

Parents should take care about the homework of their children regularly. Parents should take care that their children complete the homework in time before the next class period.

Parents are requested to pay fees regularly and promptly as prescribed in stipulated time frame. If not paid in time fine of Rs 10/- per day will be applicable.

Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Fees will be increased every year which will be 15% min.


Annual result of your ward will be held up on non-payment of fees or any other dues and result will be released only after clearing the dues.

Parents should strictly avoid taking their children away from school during school hours for flimsy reasons. Parents should encourage their children to be present on the re- opening day of each term and participate in all school functions.

A letter seeking permission from parent is necessary to avail leave.

Disrespect to teachers, school authorities and school properties should be avoided.

Students are allowed to converse only in English inside school campus except in language classes.


Information For Primary & Secondary Students


Boys should have close cut hair style. Girls should not have streaked hair and fancy hairstyles.

Students are not permitted to use two wheeler motor vehicles.

Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without prior permission from the head of the institution.


Information For Play Group Students

Parents are requested to send only the required quantity of lunch to their child’s need.

Students should carry two napkins, a spoon and a water bottle duly labeled along with their lunch.

Do not send your child to school, if he or she is suffering from any infectious disease.

Parents are expected to go through the diary carefully and sign the diary daily.