This area of the school comprises of 4 classes in light of particular age bunch.

DCT Schools gives most extreme consideration and carefulness to make the children prepared for the future capabilities.
Through our Holistic Approach Method we persuade children grow mentally, inwardly, socially and physically in readiness for formal schooling. Scholastic essentials are created to address the issue of formal training.

Primary- Upper Primary
Classes from I to VIII fall in this area of the school.

DCT schools goes for Holistic advancement of the students in this age bunch. Essential classes ( I- IV) are critical for Academic Development so the books endorsed are of extraordinary significance. A portion of the CBSE based books we have recommended parallel to the state board.
Class IX and X falls in this area.

Auxiliary students are more energetic and inquisitive . DCT schools attempt to give each chance to the Overall advancement of the students. Bit-by-bit the students are given more concern on Academic advancement. Plan of additional instructing and addresses of Experts are orchestrated extra direction.